How to Calculate ROI and Get the Best Returns

Want to know how much can you earn from co-owning a vacation home? Use this calculator to find out!

To start estimating your total return on investment, fill the 4 fields below and click on calculate: 

Here's a brief explanation of input field:

  • Share Price

    The share price is the amount you are investing to co-own a property. You can find the amount on any property listing page. 

  • Yearly Rental Yield

    is the amount of income that the property generates each year from rentals, divided by the purchase price. Rental yields of between 5% to 8% are considered to be good. 

  • Yearly Property Appreciation

    refers to the increase in the value of the property over time. This is typically driven by factors such as location, demand, supply and inflation rates. 

  • Yearly Subscription Fees

    are all the running costs incurred such as maintenance costs, utilities, furnishing, insurance, property management fees, taxes and any other bills. Those costs usually range from ~1 to 3% of the property’s value. Each property on the Partment platform would have an estimate of monthly subscription fees. 

Owning a vacation home can be a great way to generate passive income, enjoy getaways, and build equity. However, it requires a lot of work and information as it's important to carefully consider the potential returns and risks associated just like any other investment opportunity. That's why we created Partment. We are revolutionizing the way people own, use, and invest in vacation homes by combining a transparent, accessible, and convenient real estate investment opportunity. With Partment's co-ownership model, you can now diversify your real estate portfolio completely hassle-free through fractional investments. 

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