What Makes a Partment Home?

The beautiful homes you see on our listings are hand-picked by us, as Partment always strives to present you the absolute best. But what makes a house a Partment home? 

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How are the properties selected? 

When choosing our homes, it is important they tick several boxes:

  • Prime location; It is crucial that our properties are located in prime locations and in areas with high seasonality, where you can enjoy the sun and beach, as much as possible.

  • Appreciating value; You probably heard it before - Real estate is the safest and best investment to make. And this is exactly our approach when choosing our homes. Our selection is based on its projected appreciating value.

Who furnishes the home? 

Partment collaborates with leading professional interior designers to create and bring the Partment brand theme and experience to life. We want you to feel at home because you are at home. We refurbished and fully equipped our properties with everything that you may need, and state of the art interiors. That way, your second home is always ready to welcome you.

What happens when a co-owner damages the property? 

It can happen that a co-owner will accidentally damage the property. In this case, it is important they notify their respective property manager the soonest, so Partment takes the necessary actions. We encourage as much transparency as possible. The other co-owners will not be impacted by such an event, and their stay will remain unaffected regardlessly. 

This is how we choose the houses, and turn them into your homes. 


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