Partment Expands Into Egypt's North Coast, With Luxurious Serviced Apartments

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Partment is excited to announce its expansion into Egypt's North Coast, Sahel. With fully serviced apartments and a unique co-ownership model, Partment aims to revolutionize luxury vacation homes in this sought-after destination. We are launching our first property in Sahel at The Red, in collaboration with Hafez Beshir and Quest Inc. The Red is a new venture in Sidi Abdelrahman’s most exclusive compound Hacienda Red. The exclusive complex offers 21 luxury properties that are designed and furnished with a five-star hotel concept, in addition to 22 hotel rooms and 7 suites.

Sahel's popularity as a luxury destination makes it the perfect location for Partment's fully serviced apartments. Each property offers state-of-the-art interiors and amenities, ensuring a luxurious vacation experience.

Partment's co-ownership model allows for accessible luxury and smart investments. By fractionalizing properties into shares, co-owners enjoy their properties while benefiting from low running costs and high rental yields.

"We are incredibly excited to announce our expansion into Egypt's North Coast, particularly Sahel, as our second market. This region has captivated the hearts of Egyptians and foreigners alike and is now a prime destination in MENA. Partment's vision has always been to provide a luxurious lifestyle that is accessible to everyone. With our co-ownership model, we aim to bring an unmatched experience to our audience, where they can invest in a valuable asset and enjoy the finest Sahel has to offer. We are thrilled to have Hafez Bashir and Quest Inc. as a partner in this expansion” Said Nadim Nagui, Partment’s Co-founder and CEO. 

Partment's partnership with Hafez Bashir and Quest Inc. brings together industry leaders to create a modern luxury hotel serviced apartments complex, setting a new standard for opulence in Sahel.

Partment's expansion into Sahel signifies the perfect marriage between luxury and accessibility. With our unique co-ownership model, Partment offers individuals the opportunity to invest in high-quality serviced apartments unlocking a exceptional living experience while also providing yield impressive returns.



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About Partment

Partment is the leading proptech in MENA offering hassle-free vacation home co-ownership. We are bringing down traditional barriers to allow more people to co-own second homes in prime locations at a fraction of the price while providing an end-to-end property management service. In summary, we are revolutionizing the way people own, use and invest in vacation homes by combining a transparent, accessible and convenient real estate investment with the fractional ownership of a vacation property. 

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